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Taking possession of our first car was one of the most memorable days of our lives. It was also a big investment. We still remember the hours spent on researching different makes and models. The test drives were as exciting as driving our very own car out of the showroom for the first time. 


Our car was a source of joy. Its what ferried our children home when they were born. It was what brought adventure to our weekends. It felt safe and comfortable. It was a priced possession.


We’ve always loved keeping our car in Dapper shape. This endeavor, however and especially with two kids turned out to be more difficult than we’d expected. Very often, the job was relegated to the apartment housekeeping staff which did more damage to the paint than what we’d bargained for.  

End result: Swirl marks (round micro-scratches that show up on the car paint) which are the result of improper products and car wash techniques. Do not even get us started on what the interiors felt like. 


Going to the car wash turned out to be a colossal waste of precious leisure time, and the results were far from satisfactory. Not to mention the agony at witnessing about 200 liters of water being used on one vehicle during the procedure. Yes, that most car wash centers use per vehicle.

This is where the idea was born. After over a year of research and pure indulgence in keeping our car sparkling clean and germ-free, we bring to you DapperDrive. 

Choose from a variety of services that bring a unique blend of convenience, quality and an environment-friendly approach to keep your car sparkling clean. over a year of research into what the best of car detailing has to provide, with the affordability that's needed for a car wash routine. 

We look forward to serving you.

Team DapperDrive. 

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