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Car Sanitization Services

We here at DapperDrive know that to safeguard you from viruses and bacteria, you need to maintain proper car hygiene.

To protect yourself and protect your vehicle from germs, sanitization and disinfection are the best way to go.

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Vehicle Sanitising Services in Goa

Sanitising your vehicle means the vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected from any kind of germs and viruses and will make sure that it won’t get affected sometime soon. That is known as vehicle sanitising service.


To make sure you get end-to-end protection from viruses for your vehicle, DapperDrive employs the following vehicle sanitization checklist:-


  1. Vacuum the Interior

  2. Clean the Interior Windows

  3. Clean the Exterior Windows

  4. Clean the Upholstery

  5. Clean the inside of the Doors

  6. Clean the Dashboard

  7. Clean the Steering Wheel

  8. Clean the Tires, Rims, and the Floors

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