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5 Car Interior Smells You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring!

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

A stitch in time saves nine. And this is even more relevant for car care. Sometimes they have a more subtle way of telling that your attention is needed. So watch out for these tell-tale odours and schedule a visit to your service station or a car detailer as soon as possible to have them checked.

The Smell of Burning Rubber

Possible Causes

  • Uneven wear on the tyres or brake callipers which results in extra friction and wearing out the rubber

  • A short circuit within the electrical cabling, particularly if its an older car

What To Do About It

  • Visit your nearest service station or an authorised dealership

The Smell of Petrol/ Diesel

Possible Causes

  • Loose or broken fuel cap

  • A leaking fuel tank

  • Leakage in the engine

What To Do About It

  • Visit your nearest service station or an authorised dealership

The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Possible Causes

  • Spill on car upholstery

  • Problem with the catalytic convertor. This component converts hydrogen sulfide the engine produces into sulfur dioxide, that which is released from the exhaust of the vehicle and there is a possibility that this may be damaged

What To Do About It

  • If the smell is because of an egg spill, then your nearest car detailer can help in getting rid of it.

  • If it still persists, a visit to your nearest service station or dealership will be necessary to have your vehicle checked.

Locker Room Smell

Possible causes

  • Mould or Dew settling into the air conditioning system. Mould can prove dangerous to people with allergies, and sensitive immune systems. The sweat like odour it releases can cause headaches, sneezing, watery eyes, and difficulty in breathing.

What to Do About It

  • Leave the AC on ‘fan’ with the vents and windows open, preferably when it’s sunny. This will dry out the excess moisture

  • If they smell persists, you might have to get the AC unit serviced and thoroughly cleaned. A detailer will be able to help.

The Carcass like Smell

Possible causes

  • Dead insects or animals trapped in the curves and corners of your vehicle

What to Do About It

  • Visit your service station or your vehicle dealership. You may also require a car pest control service to help keep rats, and other animals or insects at bay

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