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5 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking Great This Rainy Season (Monsoon Series Part 2)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The drying supply of mangoes and the beautiful grey hues mean just one thing - it's the onset of the rains and with it, the excitement of traveling the moist roads, with soulful music playing in the background.

In our previous article, we shared with a few tips with you to ensure that your car is all set to weather the monsoons, while providing safety to you and your family. Here are some tips to ensure you drive around in STYLE.

Wash Off the Dirt and Grime Regularly. But Be Careful!

Water particles, muck, and leaves that tend to settle on the surface on the car are more than just an eyesore. If it is not attended to regularly, they can cause oxidation and rust.

A word of caution though. Improper car wash procedures can cause more harm to the paint than the grime that settles on it. Ensure that your daily car wash attendant is using a pH balanced car wash shampoo or a high-quality no-rinse product to wash off the dirt. This prevents scratching and marring of the paint surfaces. If the surface is too soiled, pressure washing offers the only alternative to avoid damage to the paint.

A clean microfiber towel and a drying aid is recommended while drying off the moisture from your car.

Ask your car detailer about Wax/ Sealants, Ceramic Coating, or Paint Protection Films if you would like to provide your vehicle with some extra protection during the harsh weather conditions.

Prepare The Underbody For the Monsoons

The under-body is likely to take a harsh beating in the rains. The metal surfaces in the humid environment are particularly prone to rust and oxidation. Washing the underbody frequently during the monsoon will not really help. Instead, invest in a good quality anti-rust or Teflon treatment of the underbody once every two to three years prior to the monsoon.

Bonnet and Boot

Remember to clean under the boot-lid and the bonnet of your car of leaves and other particles that tend to get stuck in the crevices between the main body of the car and the bonnet/boot.


Wet clothes and muddy shoes are part and parcel of the rains.

Use old newspapers or paper mats to keep the water and mud off the carpet floor of the car. These absorb water instantly and are cheap to buy as well.

Wipe the seats, steering wheel, gear knob, and dashboard regularly. Leaving them wet could cause mold or fungus to develop.

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